Arcadia in Avernus

Will Lillibridge (1878 - 1909)

Unhappy wife leaves marriage of convenience for another man, the couple running away to the Dakota prairie to set up housekeeping. All seems romantically well... until the ex shows up. Surprisingly modern (if a little theatrical) novella from the early 1900's. From the posthumous collection of Lillibridge short stories, A Breath of Prairie, 1911.

Genre(s): Romance, Short Stories

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Chapter 1, Prelude Bellona Times
Play 02 Chapter 2, The Leap Bellona Times
Play 03 Chapter 3, The Wonder of Prairie Bellona Times
Play 04 Chapter 4, A Revelation Bellona Times
Play 05 Chapter 5, The Dominance of the Evolved Bellona Times
Play 06 Chapter 6, By a Candle's Flame Bellona Times
Play 07 Chapter 7, The Price of the Leap Bellona Times