Anne Blake

John Westland Marston (1819 - 1890)

Set in Wales, this 1854 drama by Westland Marston is steeped in the Romantic tradition of the early Victorian era. Proud, rebellious Anne Blake is an orphan, left wholly dependent on her haughty aunt and uncle. Sir Joshua and his wife heartlessly seek to separate Anne from her beloved Thorold, a visiting artist… or so he has led everyone to believe... When Anne learns the truth of his identity, will her anger and wounded pride destroy their love? - Summary by Kelly Taylor

Cast List

Sir Joshua Toppington Alan Mapstone
Thorold HelloCentral
Llaniston Tomas Peter
Jilliot Craig Franklin
Servant Andrew Gaunce
Lady Toppington Wendy Katz Hiller
Anne Blake Kelly S. Taylor
Lloyd dc
Davies Laurie Banza
Stage Directions James R. Hedrick

Genre(s): Drama

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 ACT I Group 00:23:00
Play 02 ACT II Group 00:20:13
Play 03 ACT III Group 00:19:02
Play 04 ACT IV Group 00:12:45
Play 05 ACT V Group 00:15:18