Lechmere WORRALL (1874 - 1957)

Edward Hargraves, a young author, is encouraged by his mother and friend, Billy, to marry a woman in order to understand the fairer sex better and thereby characterize them better in his next book. While he attempts to follow their advice and marry Evangeline, a pleasant but rather uninteresting woman, a daring American reporter has set her eyes on him. She will stop at nothing to interview him and attract his attention. - Summary by Elsie Selwyn

Cast List:
Rev. Samuel Hargraves: ToddHW
Edward Hargraves: Campbell Schelp
William “Billy” Lloyd: RHelfmann
Mrs. Hargraves: Anita Sloma-Martinez
Evangeline Lipscomb: thestorygirl
Ann Anning: EmmaHatton
Stage Directions: Elsie Selwyn

Edited by: linny

Genre(s): Comedy

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Act 1 Group 00:48:02
Play 02 Act 2 Group 00:35:49
Play 03 Act 3 Group 00:38:53