Andrew the Glad (Dramatic Reading)

Maria Thompson Daviess (1872 - 1924)

"There are some women who will brew mystery from the decoction of even a very simple life. Matilda is one of them, remarked the major to himself as he filled his pipe and settled himself before his high-piled, violet-flamed logs..."

A sweet, heartfelt, old-fashioned romance. The middle-aged adults take a kindly interest in the affairs of the young people, with many having friendships across generations in a way not often seen today. Experience life with Phoebe, David, Caroline, Andrew, and the Buchanans in a small town in the Harpeth Valley, Tennessee in the early 1900s.

This book reflects many of the feelings and attitudes prevalent at the time of its original publication. It may contain references that reflect mores and opinions that directly conflict with today’s prevailing sentiments. - Summary by LikeManyWaters

Narrator: LikeManyWaters
Major Buchanan: Larry Wilson
Matilda Buchanan: Lynette Caulkins
David Kildare: Adam Bielka
Phoebe Donelson: KHand
Caroline Brown: thestorygirl
Andrew Sevier: Adrian Stephens
Tempie: TriciaG
Mrs. Cherry Lawrence: Christine Lehman
Polly Farrell: Katharina Glowalla
Milly Overton, Mistake: Leanne Yau
Billy Bob Overton, Tom Cantrell, Jeff: EJWiley
Cap Cantrell: RHelfmann
Hobson Capers, Telephone Repair Man: lorda
Mrs. Payt: TJ Burns
Mrs. Peyton Kendrick: Julie Burks
Jake and others: LikeManyWaters

Genre(s): Dramatic Readings, Romance

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Dramatis Personae LikeManyWaters
Play 01 Chapter I - The Heart Trap Group 00:32:56
Play 02 Chapter II - The Ritual Group 00:24:42
Play 03 Chapter III - Two Little Crimes Group 00:39:26
Play 04 Chapter IV - According to Solomon Group 00:26:28
Play 05 Chapter V - David's Rose and Some Thorns Group 00:32:01
Play 06 Chapter VI - The Bridge of Dreams Group 00:27:00
Play 07 Chapter VII - Strange Wild Things Group 00:26:48
Play 08 Chapter VIII - The Spell and Its Weaving Group 00:32:19
Play 09 Chapter IX - Pursuing the Possum Group 00:28:10
Play 10 Chapter X - Love's Home and Andrew Sevier Group 00:34:16
Play 11 Chapter XI - Across the Many Waters Group 00:26:12