An African Millionaire: Episodes in the Life of the Illustrious Colonel Clay

Grant ALLEN (1848 - 1899)

"My name is Seymour Wilbraham Wentworth. I am brother-in-law and secretary to Sir Charles Vandrift, the South African millionaire and famous financier. Many years ago, when Charlie Vandrift was a small lawyer in Cape Town, I had the (qualified) good fortune to marry his sister. Much later, when the Vandrift estate and farm near Kimberley developed by degrees into the Cloetedorp Golcondas, Limited, my brother-in-law offered me the not unremunerative post of secretary; in which capacity I have ever since been his constant and attached companion." An illustrious scientist, Allen came to fiction as a more lucrative avenue than more serious writing. As well as writing ghost and detective stories, he introduced us to the illustrious Colonel Clay, a precursor of other gentleman rogue characters; he notably bears a strong resemblance to Maurice Leblanc's Arsène Lupin, introduced some years later. - Summary by Lynne Thompson, quote from the first chapter

Genre(s): Crime & Mystery Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Episode of the Mexican Seer L0ki
Play 02 The Episode of the Diamond Links Kirsten Wever
Play 03 The Episode of the Old Master Kirsten Wever
Play 04 The Episode of the Tyrolean Castle L0ki
Play 05 The Episode of the Drawn Game Kirsten Wever
Play 06 The Episode of the German Professor Kirsten Wever
Play 07 The Episode of the Arrest of the Colonel Micfairy252
Play 08 The Episode of the Seldon Goldmine L0ki
Play 09 The Episode of the Japanned Dispatch-Box Availle
Play 10 The Episode of the Game of Poker Kirsten Wever
Play 11 The Episode of the Bertillon Method Kirsten Wever
Play 12 The Episode of the Old Bailey Kirsten Wever