America's Retreat from Victory; The Story of George Catlett Marshall

Joseph McCarthy (1908 - 1957)

Senator Joseph McCarthy examines the life of General George Catlett Marshall, particularly his role in government beginning in 1945 as United States Special Envoy to China, and encompassing his role of Secretary of State in the late 1940's. This book can provide context which is important to a rounded understanding of how Communist China came to be a nation in 1949, and Marshall's crucial role as Secretary of State in its birth. - Summary by Robert L. Morel

Genre(s): Political Science, Modern (20th C)

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Chapter 1-Background Leading Up To The Speech Robert Morel
Play 02 Chapter 2-Marshall and the Second Front Robert Morel
Play 03 Chapter 3-The Struggle for Eastern Europe Robert Morel
Play 04 Chapter 4-The Yalta Sellout Robert Morel
Play 05 Chapter 5-Marshall and Stillwell Robert Morel
Play 06 Chapter 6-The Marshall Policy for China Robert Morel
Play 07 Chapter 7-The Marshall Mission Robert Morel
Play 08 Chapter 8 Part 1-The Marshall Plan Robert Morel
Play 09 Chapter 8 Part 2-The Marshall Plan Robert Morel
Play 10 Chapter 9-The Marshall-Acheson Strategy for the Future Robert Morel