Americans All, Immigrants All

U. S. Department of the Interior Office of Education

The United States Department of the Interior, Office of Education partnered with the Columbia Broadcasting System to present a series of 26 dramatic radio broadcast programs detailing the role of immigrants in the development of the USA. This small volume was printed as a supplement to the programs. It contains a great deal of the data concerning the contributions of immigrants to the country, often in condensed or tabular form, which were highlighted in the broadcasts. - Summary by Mark Smith

Genre(s): History, Social Science (Culture & Anthropology)

Language: English

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 The Programs and Their Purposes Etext Mark F. Smith
Play 02 What Brought Us to the United States Etext Mark F. Smith
Play 03 When We Came to the United States Etext Mark F. Smith
Play 04 The Development of Our Immigrant Policy Etext Mark F. Smith
Play 05 The Immigrant and Our Economic Progress Etext Mark F. Smith
Play 06 Pulling Together - The American Way Etext Mark F. Smith
Play 07 Are People Really Different? Etext Mark F. Smith
Play 08 Immigration From 1820 to 1936 Etext Mark F. Smith
Play 09 Our Gifts to Science and to Agriculture Etext Mark F. Smith
Play 10 Our Gifts to Industry and to Commerce Etext Mark F. Smith
Play 11 Our Gifts to the Arts and Crafts Etext Mark F. Smith
Play 12 Our Gifts to Social Progress and Government Etext Mark F. Smith
Play 13 "Dear Listener" Etext Mark F. Smith