Airplane Flying Handbook FAA-H-8083-3A - Vol. 3

Federal Aviation Administration (1958 - )

This audiobook is third and final volume of the Airplane Flying Handbook. This volume is chapter 16, Emergency Procedures. From the preface: "The Airplane Flying Handbook is designed as a technical manual to introduce basic pilot skills and knowledge that are essential for piloting airplanes. It provides information on transition to other airplanes and the operation of various airplane systems. It is developed by the Flight Standards Service, Airman Testing Standards Branch, in cooperation with various aviation educators and industry." This volume applies to basic piloting skills and training aircraft, Volume 1, as well as transitions to other types of aircraft, Volume 2. - Summary by Norman Elfer

Genre(s): Education, Transportation

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Chpt 16 - Emergency Procedures Norman Elfer
Play 02 Chpt 16 pt 2 - Engine Failure after Takeoff (Single Engine) Norman Elfer
Play 03 Chpt 16 pt 3 - Flight Control Malfunction/Failure Norman Elfer
Play 04 Chpt 16 pt 4 - Inadvertent VFR flight into IMC Norman Elfer