Publius Cornelius Tacitus (56 - 117)
Translated by Alfred John Church (1829 - 1912) and William Jackson Brodribb (1829 - 1905)

The Agricola (Latin: De vita et moribus Iulii Agricolae, lit. On the life and character of Julius Agricola) is a book by the Roman historian Tacitus, written c 98, which recounts the life of his father-in-law Gnaeus Julius Agricola, an eminent Roman general. It also covers, briefly, the geography and ethnography of ancient Britain. As in the Germania, Tacitus favorably contrasts the liberty of the native Britons to the corruption and tyranny of the Empire; the book also contains eloquent and vicious polemics against the rapacity and greed of Rome. This translation by Alfred John Church and William Jackson Brodribb, was first published in 1877. (Summary from Wikipedia.

Genre(s): Classics (Greek & Latin Antiquity), Biography & Autobiography, Antiquity

Language: English

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