A Woman of No Importance

Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900)

A Woman of No Importance is a play by Irish playwright Oscar Wilde. The play premièred on 19 April 1893 at London's Haymarket Theatre. It is a testimony of Wilde's wit and his brand of dark comedy. It looks in particular at English upper class society and has been reproduced on stages in Europe and North America since his death in 1900. (Summary by Wikipedia)

Lord Illingworth: Peter Bishop
Sir John Pontefract: Ernst Pattynama
Lord Alfred Rufford: Bob Gonzalez
Mr. Kelvil, M.P.: Nigel Boydell
The Ven. Archdeacon Daubeny, D.D. : Martin Geeson
Gerald Arbuthnot: mb
Farquhar, Butler: Delmar H Dolbier
Francis, Footman: Barry Eads
Lady Hunstanton: Susanna
Lady Caroline Pontefract: Rashada
Lady Stutfield: Beth Thomas
Mrs. Allonby: Elizabeth Klett
Miss Hester Worsley: TriciaG
Alice, Maid: Bev J. Stevens
Mrs. Arbuthnot: Arielle Lipshaw
Narrator: David Lawrence

Audio edited by: Arielle Lipshaw

Genre(s): Humorous Fiction, Plays

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Act 1 Group 00:29:32
Play 02 Act 2 Group 00:37:11
Play 03 Act 3 Group 00:28:04
Play 04 Act 4 Group 00:28:51