A Soldier Of The Legion;
An Englishman's Adventures Under The French Flag in Algeria And Tonquin

George MANINGTON (1866 - ?)

An educated gentleman, Mr Manington has given an insight into the unusual experiences of an Englishman in the French Foreign Legion, such as no ordinary "mercenary" could have done. Most of the narrative deals with Tonquin, and the fighting there against the rebels in their forest fastnesses. Incidentally, in giving an account of his friendship for the native sergeant, Doy-Tho, the author has been able to impart to the pages of the book an Oriental atmosphere that we think will prove attractive to the reader. - Summary by Editors' Note

Genre(s): War & Military, Travel & Geography

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Dedication, Preface, Editors' Note David Wales
Play 01 Chapter 1 Ministere de la Guerre, The Recruiting Office, etc David Wales
Play 02 Chapter 2 General Inspection, The Band Of The Legion, etc David Wales
Play 03 Chapter 3 Part 1 Some Information Concerning Tonquin, Haiphong, etc David Wales
Play 04 Chapter 3 Part 2 David Wales
Play 05 Chapter 4 Part 1 The Difficulties Of Obtaining Military Intelligence, Native spies, etc David Wales
Play 06 Chapter 4 Part 2 David Wales
Play 07 Chapter 5 Part 1 An execution, A Rebel Chieftan, etc David Wales
Play 08 Chapter 5 Part 2 David Wales
Play 09 Chapter 6 Part 1 La Soeur Agnes, Exeat, etc David Wales
Play 10 Chapter 6 Part 2 David Wales
Play 11 Chapter 7 Part 1 The Last Struggles Of A Rebellion, Departure Of Captain Plessier, etc David Wales
Play 12 Chapter 7 Part 2 David Wales
Play 13 Chapter 8 Part 1 General Voyron, Organisation Of The Brigade, etc David Wales
Play 14 Chapter 8 Part 2 David Wales