A Primary Reader: Old-time Stories, Fairy Tales and Myths Retold by Children (Version 2)

E. Louise SMYTHE (1858 - )

"This book originated in a series of little reading lessons prepared for the first grade pupils in the Santa Rosa public schools. The object of the lessons was three-fold: to provide reading matter for the little ones who had only a small vocabulary of sight-words; to acquaint them early with the heroes who have come down to us in song and story; and to create a desire for literature...Various stories were given to the pupils; discussions followed. After a time the story was produced orally by the children. Notes were made on expressions used and points of interest dwelt upon. Later the story was either written on the blackboard or mimeographed and put into the pupils' hands to read...Hoping these stories will interest other children as they have interested those who helped build them, I send them forth." - Summary by E. Louise Smythe

Genre(s): Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Ugly Duckling LittlePeanut
Play 02 The Little Pine Tree LittlePeanut
Play 03 The Little Match Girl LittlePeanut
Play 04 Little Red Riding-Hood LittlePeanut
Play 05 The Apples of Idun LittlePeanut
Play 06 How Thor got the Hammer LittlePeanut
Play 07 The Hammer Lost and Found LittlePeanut
Play 08 The Story of the Sheep LittlePeanut
Play 09 The Good Ship Argo LittlePeanut
Play 10 Jason and the Harpies LittlePeanut
Play 11 The Brass Bulls LittlePeanut
Play 12 Jason and the Dragon LittlePeanut