A Little Girl in Old Boston

Amanda Minnie Douglas (1831 - 1916)

Doris, an orphan from England, arrives in Boston and adapts to life in America. As she grows up, she undergoes many adventures and experiences the 1812 war. Summary by Elsie Selwyn.

Cast List:

Narrator: KevinS

Doris: Navin
Winthrop Adams: ToddHW

Mr. Leverett: Jim Hilgen

Mrs. Leverett: Mickey Lee Rich

Warren Leverett: Eiljah Fisher

Betty Leverett: Jenn Broda

Aunt Priscilla: Lisanne Lavoie

Madam Royall: Foon

Mrs. Manning: Anita Sloma-Martinez

Cary Adams: Adam Bielka

Miss Recompense: Lydia

Electa King: Leanne Yau

Additional characters read by: lorda, Ulrike Denis, Sage Tyrtle, Marilyn Rakes, Campbell Schelp, Lola Janie, Anita Sloma-Martinez, Nemo, Arthur Nascimento, Luke Castle, B L Newman, Mickey Lee Rich, LikeManyWaters , JazzyGirl, Pseudonymous Nerd, Betsy Walker, Eiljah Fisher, ZoinkMeister Patrick.

Edited by: Linette Geisel

Proof listeners: Elsie Selwyn, Linette Geisel, and Gillian Hendrie.

Genre(s): Dramatic Readings, Historical

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Dramatis Personae and CHAPTER I. Doris Group 00:26:18
Play 02 CHAPTER II. In a New Home Group 00:27:16
Play 03 CHAPTER III. Aunt Priscilla Group 00:22:51
Play 04 CHAPTER IV. Out to Tea Group 00:27:25
Play 05 CHAPTER V. A Morning at School Group 00:28:56
Play 06 CHAPTER VI. A Birthday Party Group 00:29:57
Play 07 CHAPTER VII. About a Gown Group 00:29:57
Play 08 CHAPTER VIII. Sinful or Not? Group 00:27:25
Play 09 CHAPTER IX. What Winter Brought Group 00:43:23
Play 10 CHAPTER X. Concerning Many Things Group 00:27:24
Play 11 CHAPTER XI. A Little Christmas Group 00:31:31
Play 12 CHAPTER XII. A Children's Party Group 00:32:42
Play 13 CHAPTER XIII. Various Opinions of Little Girls Group 00:28:39
Play 14 CHAPTER XIV. In the Spring Group 00:24:13
Play 15 CHAPTER XV. A Freedom Suit Group 00:31:46
Play 16 CHAPTER XVI. A Summer in Boston Group 00:32:48
Play 17 CHAPTER XVII. Another Girl Group 00:25:17
Play 18 CHAPTER XVIII. Winter and Sorrow Group 00:27:23
Play 19 CHAPTER XIX. The High Resolve of Youth Group 00:26:39
Play 20 CHAPTER XX. A Visitor for Doris Group 00:32:14
Play 21 CHAPTER XXI. Elizabeth and—Peace Group 00:29:28
Play 22 CHAPTER XXII. Cary Adams Group 00:20:56
Play 23 CHAPTER XXIII. The Cost of Womanhood Group 00:29:15
Play 24 CHAPTER XXIV. The Bloom of Life—Love Group 00:11:45