A Journey in Search of Christmas

Owen Wister (1860 - 1938)

Cowboy Lin McLean rides into frontier Cheyenne, Wyoming, at Christmastime and learns a powerful meaning of Christmas. Author Owen Wister is well known for his western writings, famously the novel The Virginian. Illustrations are by the western artist Frederic Remington. (Summary by David Wales)

Genre(s): Westerns

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 Chapter 01 Lin's Money Talks Joy David Wales
Play 02 02 Chapter 02 Lin's Money Is Dumb David Wales
Play 03 03 Chapter 03 A Transaction In Boot Blacking David Wales
Play 04 04 Chapter 04 Turkey And Responsibility David Wales
Play 05 05 Chapter 05 Santa Claus Lin David Wales