A Guide to Health

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869 - 1948)
Translated by A. Rama Iyer

Mahatma Gandhi, known today as a fascinating political leader and pacifist, also considered himself "something of an authority on matters of Health and Disease as well. Very few of us perhaps are aware that he is the author of quite an original little Health-book in Gujarati. [...] His views are of course radically different from the ordinary views that find expression in the pages of such books; in many cases, indeed, his doctrines must be pronounced revolutionary, and will doubtless be regarded by a certain class of readers as wholly impracticable. Even the most revolutionary of his doctrines, however, are based, not on the shifting quicksands of mere theory, but on the solid foundation of deep study, backed up by personal experience of nearly thirty years. He himself recognizes that many of his views will hardly be accepted by the ordinary reader, but he has felt himself impelled by a stern sense of duty to give publicity to his convictions formed after so much of study and experience" (Preface). Though his advice may appear socially outdated or medically obvious/dubious to his modern day audience based on what we know now, Gandhi's treatise still provides a fascinating look on maintaining good health as it was understood in the early twentieth century. - Summary by Mary Kay and A. Rama Iyer

Genre(s): Health & Fitness, Medical, Self-Help

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Author's Note and Introduction Mike Pelton
Play 01 Part 1, Chapter I. The Meaning of Health Phil Chenevert
Play 02 Part 1, Chapter II. The Human Body Jacqui Castle
Play 03 Part 1, Chapter III. Air Mike Pelton
Play 04 Part 1, Chapter IV. Water Jacqui Castle
Play 05 Part 1, Chapter V. Food Subhash Chander
Play 06 Part 1, Chapter VI. How much and how many times should we eat? Subhash Chander
Play 07 Part 1, Chapter VII. Exercise Subhash Chander
Play 08 Part 1, Chapter VIII. Dress Subhash Chander
Play 09 Part 1, Chapter IX. Sexual Relations Subhash Chander
Play 10 Part 2, Chapter I. Air Treatment Jacqui Castle
Play 11 Part 2, Chapter II. Water Cure Jacqui Castle
Play 12 Part 2, Chapter III. The Use of Earth Jacqui Castle
Play 13 Part 2, Chapter IV. Fever and its Cures Subhash Chander
Play 14 Part 2, Chapter V. Constipation, Dysentery, etc. Subhash Chander
Play 15 Part 2, Chapter VI. Contagious Diseases Smallpox Subhash Chander
Play 16 Part 2, Chapter VII. Other Contagious Diseases Subhash Chander
Play 17 Part 2, Chapter VIII. Maternity and Child-Birth Kalynda
Play 18 Part 2, Chapter IX. Care of Child Kalynda
Play 19 Part 2, Chapter X. Accidents —Drowning Subhash Chander
Play 20 Part 2, Chapter XI. Accidents, Continued —Burns and Scalds Subhash Chander
Play 21 Part 2, Chapter XII. Accidents, Continued —Snake Bite Subhash Chander
Play 22 Part 2, Chapter XIII. Accidents, Continued —Scorpion-sting, etc. Subhash Chander
Play 23 Chapter XIV. Conclusion. Mike Pelton