A Girl of the Limberlost (version 2)

Gene Stratton-Porter (1863 - 1924)

Set in the Limberlost swamp of Indiana, A Girl of the Limberlost follows Elnora Comstock through struggles and triumphs as she seeks education and the mother love she has always been denied. - Summary by Patience Charles

Genre(s): Published 1900 onward

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Chapter 1: Wherein Elnora Goes to High School, and Learns Many Lessons not Found in Her Books Patience Charles
Play 02 Chapter 2: Wherein Wesley and Margaret Go Shopping, and Elnora's Wardrobe Is Replenished Patience Charles
Play 03 Chapter 3: Wherein Elnora Visits the Bird Woman, and Opens a Bank Account Patience Charles
Play 04 Chapter 4: Wherein the Sintons Are Disappointed, and Mrs. Comstock Learns that She Can Laugh Patience Charles
Play 05 Chapter 5: Wherein Elnora Receives a Warning and Billy Appears on the Scene Patience Charles
Play 06 Chapter 6: Wherein Mrs. Comstock Indulges in 'Frills,' and Billy Reappears Patience Charles
Play 07 Chapter 7: Wherein Mrs. Comstock Manipulates Margaret, and Billy Acquires a Residence Patience Charles
Play 08 Chapter 8: Wherein the Limberlost Tempts Elnora, and Billy Buries His Father Patience Charles
Play 09 Chapter 9: Wherein Elnora Discovers a Violin, and Billy Disciplines Margaret Patience Charles
Play 10 Chapter 10: Wherein Elnora Has More Financial Troubles, and Mrs. Comstock Again Hears the Song of the Limberlost Patience Charles
Play 11 Chapter 11: Wherein Elnora Graduates, and Freckles and the Angel Send Gifts Patience Charles
Play 12 Chapter 12: Wherein Margaret Sinton Reveals a Secret, and Mrs. Comstock Possesses the Limberlost Patience Charles
Play 13 Chapter 13: Wherein Mother Love Is Bestowed on Elnora, and She Finds an Assistant in Moth Hunting Patience Charles
Play 14 Chapter 14: Wherein a New Position Is Tendered Elnora, and Philip Ammon Is Shown Limberlost Violets Patience Charles
Play 15 Chapter 15: Wherein Mrs. Comstock Faces the Almighty, and Philip Ammon Writes a Letter Patience Charles
Play 16 Chapter 16: Wherein the Limberlost Sings for Ammon, and the Talking Trees Tell Great Secrets Patience Charles
Play 17 Chapter 17: Wherein Mrs. Comstock Dances in the Moonlight, and Elnora Makes a Confession Patience Charles
Play 18 Chapter 18: Wherein Mrs. Comstock Experiments with Rejuvenation, and Elnora Teaches Natural History Patience Charles
Play 19 Chapter 19: Wherein Philip Ammon Gives a Ball in Honour of Edith Carr, and Hart Henderson Appears on the Scene Patience Charles
Play 20 Chapter 20: Wherein the Elder Ammon Offers Advice, and Edith Carr Experiences Regrets Patience Charles
Play 21 Chapter 21: Wherein Philip Ammon Returns to the Limberlost, and Elnora Studies the Situation Patience Charles
Play 22 Chapter 22: Wherein Philip Ammon Kneels to the Queen of Love, and Chicago Comes to the Limberlost Patience Charles
Play 23 Chapter 23: Wherein Elnora Reaches a Decision, and Freckles and the Angel Appear Patience Charles
Play 24 Chapter 24: Wherein Edith Carr Wages a Battle and Hart Henderson Stands Guard Patience Charles
Play 25 Chapter 25: Wherein Philip Finds Elnora, and Edith Carr Offers a Yellow Emperor Patience Charles