A Christmas Carol (Version 09)

Charles Dickens (1812 - 1870)

"A Christmas Carol" has been credited with relaunching the celebration of Christmas as we know it. It relaunched Charles Dickens' literary career, that is for sure! More than that, and more importantly, it is an illustration of one "covetous old sinner" and his opportunity for redemption in the eyes of both God and man. For me the book holds a special meaning for it repeatedly shows me that no matter how I often I may make mistakes, mercy and forgiveness are there for the asking. - Summary by Greg Giordano

Genre(s): Culture & Heritage Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface Greg Giordano
Play 01 Stave One - Marley's Ghost Greg Giordano
Play 02 Stave Two - The First of the Three Spirits Greg Giordano
Play 03 Stave Three - The Second of the Three Spirits Greg Giordano
Play 04 Stave Four - The Last of the Spirits Greg Giordano
Play 05 Stave Five - The End of it Greg Giordano