A Candle For Our Lady

Regina Victoria Hunt

Dark times for British Catholics hung over England in the days of King Henry VIII. Henry, influenced by the hated Thomas Cromwell, fell into opposition with them, suppressing them, and closing religious houses. In that period a famous shrine, erected centuries earlier at Walsingham and dedicated to our Lady, drew people from far and near for it was a favorite place of pilgrimage and the site of many miracles.

On their grandmother's and uncle's farm, far removed from this scene of persecution, were Jemmy Reynolds and his sister Joan. For a long time they had been promised the chance to make the pilgrimage to Walsingham, and now at last they were going. Their biggest problem was to find a suitable offering to our Lady, and Joan came upon the idea of presenting a great, fine candle. And so they set out upon a thrilling journey which eventually brings Jem face to face with the crafty Cromwell and King Henry himself.

What happens when they meet a cunning stranger on the way to the shrine and later when Jem attempts to rescue a friend from Cromwell's power are some of the exciting developments that make A Candle For Our Lady interesting and fast moving. True history and authentic background are woven into this story which provides a taste of the struggles English Catholics knew in a time when cruelty and greed ruled the land. (Summary from original jacket.)

Genre(s): Children's Fiction, Historical

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - Chapter One Maria Therese
Play 02 02 - Chapter Two Maria Therese
Play 03 03 - Chapter Three Maria Therese
Play 04 04 - Chapter Four Maria Therese
Play 05 05 - Chapter Five Maria Therese
Play 06 06 - Chapter Six Maria Therese
Play 07 07 - Chapter Seven Maria Therese
Play 08 08 - Chapter Eight Maria Therese
Play 09 09 - Chapter Nine Maria Therese
Play 10 10 - Chapter Ten Maria Therese
Play 11 11 - Chapter Eleven Maria Therese
Play 12 12 - Chapter Twelve Maria Therese
Play 13 13 - Chapter Thirteen Maria Therese
Play 14 14 - Chapter Fourteen Maria Therese
Play 15 15 - Chapter Fifteen Maria Therese
Play 16 16 - Chapter Sixteen Maria Therese
Play 17 17 - Chapter Seventeen Maria Therese
Play 18 18 - Chapter Eighteen Maria Therese