A Book of Bargains

Vincent O'Sullivan (1868 - 1940)

This is a volume of short horror stories by American-born short story writer, poet and critic Vincent O'Sullivan. Sometimes considered the last of the decadents, O'Sullivan was a notable literary figure of his time, a friend of Oscar Wilde, and a favourite of many critics. The stories in the Book of Bargains are all of them notable horror stories, each involving a bargain with the devil - either explicitly or figuratively. - Summary by Carolin

Genre(s): Horror & Supernatural Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Bargain of Rupert Orange susanjhudson
Play 02 My Enemy and Myself N. Christensen
Play 03 The Business of Madame Jahn AnnaLisa Bodtker
Play 04 A Study in Murder Bev J Stevens
Play 05 Original Sin Corinne Elena
Play 06 When I Was Dead Bev J Stevens
Play 07 Hugo Raven's Hand Foon