A Bid For Fortune; Or, Dr Nikola's Vendetta

Guy Boothby (1867 - 1905)

Guy Newell Boothby (1867 – 1905) was a prolific Australian writer. He moved to London in 1894 and became most well-known for his Dr.Nikola mysteries. This book is the first in a series of five and introduces the good doctor himself. Dr Nikola Is a criminal mastermind with an occult twist and like much fiction of that era this book and the following are more about how others fall under his spell and into his web. Here we have an adventure and love story that sweeps us from Australia, the South Seas, the Middle East and rural Hampshire with our lovestruck hero constantly battling against Dr Nikola and his cohorts. The sense of mystery and the exotic settings are exceptionally well portrayed and give the book a nostalgic appeal for the days of imperialists and hardened empire builders. - Summary by Peter Keeble

Genre(s): Detective Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Prologue - Dr Nikola Peter John Keeble
Play 02 I determine to take a holiday - Sydney and what befel me there Peter John Keeble
Play 03 London Peter John Keeble
Play 04 I Visit my Relations Peter John Keeble
Play 05 I save an Important life Peter John Keeble
Play 06 Mystery Peter John Keeble
Play 07 I meet Dr Nikola again Peter John Keeble
Play 08 Port Said and what befel us there Peter John Keeble
Play 09 Our imprisonment and attempt at escape Peter John Keeble
Play 10 Dr Nikola permits us a free pasage Peter John Keeble
Play 11 We Reach Australia and the Result Peter John Keeble
Play 12 On the Trail Peter John Keeble
Play 13 Lord Beckenham's Story Peter John Keeble
Play 14 Following up a Clue Peter John Keeble
Play 15 The Islands and what we found there Peter John Keeble
Play 16 Conclusion Peter John Keeble