Christmas Short Works Collection 2018


A delightful collection of stories and poems, with several interesting selections discussing various Christmas and holiday traditions, and a lovely Christmas play, featuring a full cast. All selections have been chosen and narrated by LibriVox volunteers to commemorate Christmas 2018.

Cast of Ola, or A Christmas Present for Mother: Alta Good: Devorah Allen
Henry Good: TJ Burns
Leon Good: Tomas Peter
Mrs. Good: Foon
Ola: Jasmin Salma
Narrator: Maria Kasper

Genre(s): Poetry, Short Stories, Essays & Short Works

Language: Multilingual

Group: Christmas Short Works

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Babouscka Adelaide Skeel Etext Maria Kasper
00:11:17 en
Play 02 Barring Out of Schools John Ashton Etext MichaelMaggs
00:24:30 en
Play 03 Bonhomme Noel Anonymous Etext BettyB
00:03:29 en
Play 04 The Cave of Mystery Anonymous Etext MichaelMaggs
00:05:31 en
Play 05 A Christmas-Eve Suit Edward P. Roe Etext LikeManyWaters
00:34:29 en
Play 06 A Christmas Guest Selma Lagerlöf Etext Maria Kasper
00:20:40 en
Play 07 Christmas in England Washington Irving Etext Garth Burton
00:08:10 en
Play 08 Christmas Trees Robert Frost Etext Nemo
00:03:57 en
Play 09 A College Santa Claus Ralph Henry Barbour Etext Donald Cummings
00:27:40 en
Play 10 Dulce Domum, from The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame Etext Nan Dodge
00:35:13 en
Play 11 In the Workhouse: Christmas Day George R. Sims Etext Nemo
00:07:26 en
Play 12 My Christmas Party, from Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood George MacDonald Etext Devorah Allen
00:29:19 en
Play 13 Ola, or, A Christmas Present for Mother John D MacDonald Etext Group 00:14:14 en
Play 14 Old Christmastide Sir Walter Scott Etext Tomas Peter
00:04:57 en
Play 15 Peace on Earth Edwin Arlington Robinson Etext Nemo
00:03:56 en
Play 16 Port in a Storm George MacDonald Etext Devorah Allen
00:25:39 en
Play 17 Round About Our Coal Fire Anonymous Etext MichaelMaggs
00:15:29 en
Play 18 The Same Old Christmas Spirit Ralph Bergengren Etext Devorah Allen
00:01:53 en
Play 19 A Scene of Medieval Christmas John Addington Symonds Etext Tomas Peter
00:12:48 en
Play 20 A Simple Bill of Fare for a Christmas Dinner Helen Hunt Jackson Etext Maria Kasper
00:07:56 en
Play 21 The Star Florence Morse Kingsley Etext Tomas Peter
00:09:10 en
Play 22 Thurlow's Christmas Story John Kendrick Bangs Etext Colleen McMahon
00:33:11 en
Play 23 The Christmas Pie Anonymous Etext BettyB
00:02:29 en