5 Science Fiction Stories by Mack Reynolds

Mack Reynolds (1917 - 1983)

Five early stories by one of my favorite SF writers, Mack Reynolds. Medal of Honor is an intriguing look into the mind of someone who is above the law; who cannot commit a crime. How will he act? especially if he is a self centered drunk? Potential Enemy is story about the sad state of human minds that are ruled by fear and paranoia. Happy Ending is an SF story about the far future when the last solar system wide dictator has been finally defeated and what will he do? What will he do? This is also an exploration of mental megalomania and it's effects. His happy ending is perhaps suitable, but probably not so happy. A Gun For Hire explores in a light-hearted but painful way, the fact that hired guns are just that: hired. The final story is the funniest of the lot the and is set in Tangiers in the present or very near future. UFO's are a crackpot idea, right? Well, perhaps not. - Summary by Phil Chenevert

Genre(s): Science Fiction

Language: English

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