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Happy New Year! A new year brings fresh starts, a chance to try something again or to go for something entirely new. Get inspired with 10 gems from our catalog.

Let’s start at the beginning – of humankind. C. H. Robinson follows the development of human society from the discovery of fire and working all the way to religions, architecture, and government in Longhead: The Story of the First Fire.

“Fire” had quite a different meaning in Eddie Rickenbacker’s life, as the recently invented airplane changed warfare forever. He received a medal of honor for Fighting the Flying Circus of Manfred from Richthofen in WWI.

From the Red Baron to the King of England, Richard III; both men haven’t been treated kindly by history. See what Jacob Abbott thinks of the king in his biography and find out why Shakespeare made him the main character in his first play.

Our very first dramatic reading was a short story by W. W. Jacobs. The Monkey’s Paw grants three wishes to its owner, but there’s a catch every time… Maybe the Whites are the first to break the curse, loving couple that they are?

Love is a wonderful feeling, possibly the only thing we can all agree upon. Five short stories by Spanish authors show the lighthearted and fun side of First Love and Spanish Life.

When foreign secretary Sir Ramon receives a letter from The Four Just Men, he knows this is no laughing matter. He and Scotland Yard are ready to fight – and even the press get involved in this early novel by Edgar Wallace.

When Sherlock Holmes arrives at the scene, the fighting is usually over. In A Study in Scarlet, he uses his wits to solve the case. Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1888 story marks the first appearance of the master sleuth – and of a magnifying glass.

Holmes and Watson never went “in search of lost time”, that was left to Marcel Proust. His seven-book masterpiece starts with the narrator’s childhood memories in Swann’s Way.

When Antonio Pigafetta set out with Magellan in 1519, the goal were the Spice Islands. Three years later, they had become the first people to circumnavigate the globe, a journey chronicled in Primer viaje en torno del globo by the Venetian.

Wheels make the world go around one could say, and maybe this is true for poetry as well. This first of six anthologies collects 40 poems by nine authors, notably the Sitwell siblings Edith, Osbert, and Sacheverall.

Enjoy – and good luck with your new beginnings!


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