LibriVox celebrates 18,000 Audiobooks!

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Our latest LibriVox baby has arrived! It took us only 9 months to complete 1,000 more audiobooks, bringing our completed projects up to 18,000.

The book with this special number is Exodus from The Self-Interpreting Bible, an 18th century Christian commentary by Scottish minister John Brown. It was read as a solo by InTheDesert.

Of course, all our finished books are worth celebrating, and so are our 13,000+ volunteer readers (also roughly 1,000 more than 9 months ago – coincidence?) Together, we have completed recordings in 100 languages, and now have 2,260 stand-alone works in 46 languages besides English.

Thank you all!

And now? Well, the sky’s the limit, really. After all, our goal is to

make all books in the public domain available, narrated by real people and distributed for free, in audio format on the internet.

We’d love you to help out, be it as reader, proof-listener, book suggester, or just cheerer-from-the-sidelines. See you in the forums!


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