Cold, Cold Winter

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February is usually the coldest month in the Northern Hemisphere. That means: lots of opportunity to stay home with 10 gems from our wintery catalogue.

The Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge is the main topic of conversation among the family, so busy is everybody planning their Christmas vacation. But before, they have to try and clear Bert form an untrue accusation in the novel by Laura Lee Hope.

There’s no way Fridtjof Nansen will stay home either, regardless of the weather. In his short book Auf Schneeschuhen übers Gebirge he tells about a hiking trip in the Norwegian mountains – from Bergen to Kristiania to Voss.

Bob Sumner on the other hand would rather be home in St. Louis. But he has been shangaied and is now on his way to The Land of Frozen Suns, where he must learn to survive both the environment and the unfriendly fellows he travels with. Read the adventure by Bertrand W. Sinclair to find out if he will!

Definitely a survivor is Sir Wilfred Grenfell. While he was crossing a frozen bay on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, he was caught Adrift on an Ice-Pan – and lived to tell the tale!

“How I was murdered” is the tale that comes to the ears, or rather: eyes, of detective Muller of the Austrian Police. Will he be able to solve The Case of the Pocket Diary Found in the Snow, written by Auguste Groner and Grace Isabel Colbran?

Equally in the dark – literally – is Snow Blind Sylvie, who was rescued at the last minute by fugitive Hugh. Brought to the small cabin where he lives with brother Pete and cook Bella, Sylvie is forced to rely on her ears to unravel the story. Katharine Newlin Burt tells a story of expectations – will they be met?

Matthew A. Henson surely never expected to be A Negro Explorer at the North Pole. This is his exciting memoir of Robert Peary’s expedition, of which he was a very important part.

Part of the poorest people was Yosef Haim Brenner, a Russian Jew who emigrated to Palestine in 1909. The four stories of בחורף – In Winter tell about the struggles of poor Jewish families during the Russian Anti-Jewish massacres of that time.

In The Snowflake and Other Poems, Canadian poet Arthur Weir deals with everything winter related with a focus on the end of the old year and the beginning of the new.

Don’t worry – winter won’t last forever! Just like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has a happy ending, so will the cold give way to spring. While you’re waiting, listen to the dramatic adaptation of the famous fairy tale by Jessie Braham White.



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