From the Darkness…

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November has come, and with it long and cold and dark nights. Best to huddle up inside with 10 spooky gems from our catalog.

Who knows what hides out there in The Night Land, as earth is called after the sun has burnt out. The remains of the human race, living in a pyramid called The Last Redoubt, send out a rescue expedition, but is there anyone left to save in the novel by William H. Hodgson?

In order to save people from shipwreck, a new lighthouse is built in Cornwall. Celebrating its completion, the locals gather on the Eddystone in a dark November night in 1703. But it seems they are in need of the light more than anyone else in the story by Wilhelm Jensen.

A damsel in distress and a hero to save her from the bad aristocrat – a pretty standard story … were it not for The Castle Spectre who is sticking his bony fingers in as well. Find out what role he plays in the dramatic romance by Matthew Lewis.

Algernon Blackwood writes about The Man Who Found Out, but what exactly? Well, two researchers finally discover the artifacts known as the Tablets of the Gods, containing nothing less than the true purpose of the human race. Some things better stay hidden…

Just like the abysses of the human soul. Famous Spanish author Gustavo A. Becquer explores them masterfully in his collection of 22 Leyendas. We also have a selection of those stories in a German translation.

When dealing with bad people, wouldn’t it be nice if one could recognise them immediately? Elsie and Ralph Benedict believed they could teach others How to Analyse People on Sight. Try their methods and tell us if they work!

The victims of Antoine-Francois Desrues found out too late about his character. He poisoned a wealthy woman and her son to get to their estate – but was eventually caught and executed. Read the details of this true and Celebrated Crime in the biography by Alexandre Dumas.

Also a lot to say about crime – though probably not from own experience – has Harry Houdini. In his book The Right Way to do Wrong the master contortionist explains the many ways how criminals try to take advantage of their victims.

In the novel by Daniel A. Lord, it seems that somebody is trying to get the better of the Erkenwolds, a family with proud history complete with family ghost who appears before a death in the family. But there is something odd about these current Red Arrows in the Night

A bit weird is the poetry by William T. Parkes. In a humorous parody of “ye olde poetry”, he writes … creepy ghost stories. Read The Spook Ballads and see if you’ll end up laughing for fright.

Enjoy – and stay warm and safe!


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