LibriVox 8th Anniversary Podcast: New Beginning

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Listen to LibriVox Community Podcast #133 hosted by Ruth Golding (RuthieG).


Duration: 40:37

LibriVox 8th Anniversary: New Beginnings

Featuring Hobbit, francesb, moniaqua, WoollyBee, commonsparrow3, Piotrek81, Hugh McGuire and many more.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

0:00 Introduction

0:30 Back to the very beginning. Hugh interviewed by Paula Berinstein on The Writing Show.

1:31 The early years and the evolution of LibriVox up to the present

6:22 Imminent changes (very new LibriVoxers may wish to skip this)

8:22 Interviews with New Volunteers francesb, moniaqua and WoollyBee (Hobbit)

18:53 All sorts of people are LibriVoxers!

19:38 My experiences at LibriVox: (commonsparrow3)

22:22 Branching out into new areas of LibriVox: (piotrek81)

25:13 Piotrek81’s group project, The Deluge

25:41 A common misconception: readers don’t make slips or have mishaps while recording – oh really?

26:27 Blooper Reel (WoollyBee)

31:29 A few words about the LibriVox 8th Anniversary Collection

32:31 Back to… the future? (Hugh McGuire and Paula Berinstein)

33:05 Birthday wishes and thanks (Hugh)

36:29 A gentle reminder to people about the fund-raising drive.

37:03 The LibriVox 8th Anniversary Song (Hobbit, Darvinia, TriciaG, Availle, lezer, Tlaloc, BellonaTimes, Loveday, commonsparrow3, Rapunzelina, JemmaBlythe, moniaqua, carolb, philchenevert, ppcunningham, Cori, kathrinee, BookAngel7, francesb, MaryAnnSpiegel, ShiNeko, downey8kids, WoollyBee, RuthieG, Peter Why)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Any member of the community who has contributed readings to the LibriVox catalog can host a podcast and is most welcome to do so. Visit this thread on the forum to express an interest and float your ideas.

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