LibriVox Community Podcast #120

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Listen to LibriVox Community Podcast #120 hosted by Bob Gonzalez (bobgon55).


Duration: 48m. 39s.

Part Two of a two-part series on Performing Poetry on LibriVox.

With contributions from: Lucy Perry, Martin Geeson, Algy Pug, Leonard Wilson and TriciaG.

Bob Gonzalez – Introduction & Preview 00:00

Lucy Perry on hosting the 5th Anniversary podcast 01:58

Bob Gonzalez shrewdly analyzes Lucy Perry’s story 04:34

TriciaG’s persuasive promo for Faust II 07:00

Bob Gonzalez rambling on about performing poetry 08:14

Martin Geeson Part 1 – On the poetry voice 11:22

Bob Gonzalez interrupting with some further comments on Dylan Thomas 16:25

Algy Pug Part 1 on Poetry 18:28

Martin Geeson Part 2 21:32

Algy Pug Part 2 25:20

Leonard Wilson on performing poetry 29:54

Bob Gonzalez nattering on about reading vs. performing poetry 37:05

Martin Geeson Part 3 38:27

TriciaG – A blooper reel 44:13

Bob Gonzalez – Conclusion & Outro 48:05

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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