LibriVox Community Podcast #118

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Listen to LibriVox Community Podcast #118 hosted by Bob Gonzalez (bobgon55).


Duration: 59m. 33s.

A Podcast of Thanksgiving, Praise and Tribute of LibriVox readers and other volunteers.

With contributions from: Carol Box, Algy Pug, TriciaG, Lars Rolander, Availle, libraryanne, Martin Geeson, Lucy Perry, Jim Postlewaite, and Jim Mowatt and Sean McGaughey (ductapeguy).

Bob Gonzalez Intro and Preview: A Thanksgiving Show 00:00
Carol Box A Cornucopia of Praise 01:57

Jim & Sean (Part 1) Podcasts are hard work 04:23
Bob Gonzalez Comments on podcast hosting 06:44

Algy Pug (Part 1) On Henry V trio 08:20
Jim & Sean (Part 2) Highlights of past podcasts 12:01

TriciaG Bloopers Part 1 – Vocal Flubs 13:38
Lars Rolander On Edgar Rice Burroughs 18:28

Availle 03:47 On Better Angel by Richard Meeker 22:54
Jim & Sean (Part 3) iPod & Philosophy plus 26:52

Betty (libraryanne) On the Christmas Carol collections 29:00
Martin Geeson On J.C. Guan 29:53

Jim & Sean (Part 4) Public domain LibriVox contrib 35:55
Algy Pug (Part 2) On Lucy Perry 38:26

Lucy Perry A Cornucopia of Praise and Thanks 40:12
Jim Postlewaite Thankful for LibriVox 44:38

Jim & Sean (Part 5) Tribute to Alan David Drake 46:46
Algy Pug Part 3 On Jason Mills 48:45

Bob Gonzalez Tribute to Philippa (russiandoll) 51:38
TriciaG Bloopers Part 2 – Animals & birds interrupting 54:39

Jim & Sean (Part 6) Finale – Final thanks 57:12
Bob Gonzalez Outro: Future Podcasts 58:33

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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