LibriVox Community Podcast #93

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Listen to Librivox Community Podcast Show #93 hosted by Cori Samuel. [audio:]
Duration 17:48

This week’s show is on the theme of Getting Started! Karen Commins gives some excellent advice as a relative newcomer to LibriVox.

Earthcalling provides a musical interlude. Go Librivoxateers!

Hokuspokus, icyjumbo, Andy Minter, redaer and Great Plains discuss how they pick projects to work on, their routines before recording, and also give some hints for first-time LibriVoxers.

The promo at the end, I *think* is from Brad Bush (please correct me if that’s wrong.)

Contributions to next week’s show, on the audio you’ve most enjoyed listening to this year, are very welcome … please send MP3s to the ‘cs’ folder on the uploader, or email / PM me.

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