July, 2007

Audio of Hugh McGuire’s Presentation at Podcasters Across Borders

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Audio of Hugh McGuire’s presentation, How Podcasting Will Save the World , at Podcasters Across Borders is now available on the Canadian Podcast Buffet site.

The slides for the presentation can be found here (I’ll try to stick them together eventually).


Mark Blevis said a written transcript will be available in a couple of days.


annie’s librivox flash promo

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hmm… did we ever post a link to Annie’s great librivox flash promo she did for a course? it’s very nice, see it here.


Librivox Community Podcast 44

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Show 44 is now available from Archive.org

or from your podcatchers
To subscribe please use this FeedBurner link

Hosts Sean McGaughey (ductapeguy) and Jim Mowatt

Listen here: [audio:http://www.archive.org/download/librivox_community/librivox_community_podcast_44.mp3]
Listen to Librivox Community Podcast 44.

  1. LV Theme

  2. What is a Podcast?

    1. basically a downloadable media file on the internet

    2. Do you need an ipod? :Play Music– Uncle Seth– You Don’t need an ipod and John C. Havens of the About.com Guide To Podcasting

  3. What are RSS Subscription Feeds?

  4. Ways to listen to a podcast

    1. itunes

    2. another podcatcher Windows and Mac: Juice , Windows: Winpodder , Linux: Amarok

    3. Direct from a website (on a player) or downloaded

    4. On your computer, on Mp3 player, FM transmitter, Burn to CDs

    5. Even on Thunderbird email program

  5. Producing the Librivox Podcast

    1. Get some ideas together

    2. Solicit input

    3. Record, receive Recordings

    4. Edit Edit Edit Edit

    5. Save to Mp3

    6. Upload to Server

    7. encode RSS Feed and upload (sometimes automatic)

    8. Make shownotes and post on blog and on forum

    9. Sit back and relax

  6. Time to produce weekly podcast. About 1 week

  7. LV New Releases Podcast. Outward facing vs inward facing podcast.

  8. LV Podcasters: Sean Jim, Alan, TBOL3, Kri, Betsie, David, Caeristhiona, Catharine Eastman, Hugh, who else???

  9. Librivoxians who have their own podcasts: Kara, Jim, Mark Nelson, FNH TBOL3, Cloudmountain, ductapeguy. I’m sure we’ve missed a bunch. Stand up and be counted in the comments if we forgot to mention you

  10. Namedropping: Links mentioned in the podcast.

    1. Podcast411

    2. Gigavox: Levelator


BBC Webscape on LibriVox

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Kate Russell of BBC’s Click > Webscape did a little piece on LibriVox which I gather made it onto the tube. There’s a write-up on the web also, which, among other things, says:

The list of titles is not as long as I would like, but it is growing all the time and the quality of the recordings is generally very good.

And as with all such comments, we make an open invitation to all BBC listeners, watchers, readers, employees, and freelancers, Kate Russell included, to join us and help us make that catalog bigger!


Browse the catalog