LV: Treasure Island, Ch 1-2

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Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island is one of the great adventure stories in the English language, and a perfect starting point for anyone interested in studying the intricacies of “pirate literature” (often called PiLit). Buried treasure, buccaneers, high seas and scoundrels, courage and terror, this book has inspired many a young boy and girl to put a patch over their eye and cry “Ahoy matey!” … But it’s not just for kids: Robert Louis Stevenson is considered a classic prose stylist, writing clear evocative English that any aspiring writer would do well to study. And this crystal clear writing is put to wonderful effect, with the atmosphere and thrilling pacing, and a curious moral ambiguity that has kept Treasure Island on our shelves, and now in our mp3 players, for generations.

Next up (Monday): Treasure Island, Chapters 3-4 read by Gord Mackenzie.


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