<![CDATA[St. Rose of Lima: The Flower of the New World by CAPES, Florence Mary]]> ]]> LibriVox ]]> LibriVox info@librivox.org <![CDATA[Introduction]]> No No <![CDATA[Prologue: Birth and Baptism of St. Rose]]> No No <![CDATA[St. Rose's Childhood]]> No No <![CDATA[How She Began to Love and Follow St. Catherine of Siena]]> No No <![CDATA[Her Victory Over Vanity]]> No No <![CDATA[Rose's Domestic Life]]> No No <![CDATA[The Penitential Practices of the Saint's Girlhood]]> No No <![CDATA[How She Took the Habit of St. Dominic]]> No No <![CDATA[Her Garden-Cell, and How She Lived There]]> No No <![CDATA[Of Rose's Special Devotions and Charities; How She was Endowed With a Prophetic Spirit; And How She Gained Graces for Her Native City]]> No No <![CDATA[Of the Saint's Increased Penances, and of the Miraculous Help She Had in Them; Of Her Many Illnesses and Her Interior Trials]]> No No <![CDATA[How Heavenly and Divine Visitants Frequented Her Cell; and How She Was Mystically Espoused to Christ]]> No No <![CDATA[How Rose of St. Mary Died]]> No No <![CDATA[What Happened After Rose's Death]]> No No