<![CDATA[Black Riders and Other Lines, The by CRANE, Stephen]]> ]]> LibriVox ]]> LibriVox info@librivox.org <![CDATA[Black riders came from the sea]]> No No <![CDATA[Three little birds in a row]]> No No <![CDATA[In the desert]]> No No <![CDATA[Yes, I have a thousand tongues]]> No No <![CDATA[Once there came a man]]> No No <![CDATA[God fashioned the ship of the world carefully]]> No No <![CDATA[Mystic shadow, bending near me]]> No No <![CDATA[I looked here]]> No No <![CDATA[I stood upon a high place]]> No No <![CDATA[Should the wide world roll away]]> No No <![CDATA[In a lonely place]]> No No <![CDATA[And the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the heads of the children]]> No No <![CDATA[If there is a witness to my little life]]> No No <![CDATA[There was a crimson clash of war]]> No No <![CDATA[Tell brave deeds of war]]> No No <![CDATA[Charity, thou art a lie]]> No No <![CDATA[There were many who went in huddled procession]]> No No <![CDATA[In heaven]]> No No <![CDATA[A god in wrath]]> No No <![CDATA[A learned man came to me once]]> No No <![CDATA[There was, before me]]> No No <![CDATA[Once I saw mountains angry]]> No No <![CDATA[Places among the stars]]> No No <![CDATA[I saw a man pursuing the horizon]]> No No <![CDATA[Behold, the grave of a wicked man]]> No No <![CDATA[There was set before me a mighty hill]]> No No <![CDATA[A youth in apparel that glittered]]> No No <![CDATA["Truth," said a traveller]]> No No <![CDATA[Behold, from the land of the farther suns]]> No No <![CDATA[Supposing that I should have the courage]]> No No <![CDATA[Many workmen]]> No No <![CDATA[Two or three angels]]> No No <![CDATA[There was one I met upon the road]]> No No <![CDATA[I stood upon a highway]]> No No <![CDATA[A man saw a ball of gold in the sky]]> No No <![CDATA[I met a seer]]> No No <![CDATA[On the horizon the peaks assembled]]> No No <![CDATA[The ocean said to me once]]> No No <![CDATA[The livid lightnings flashed in the clouds]]> No No <![CDATA[And you love me]]> No No <![CDATA[Love walked alone]]> No No <![CDATA[I walked in a desert]]> No No <![CDATA[There came whisperings in the winds]]> No No <![CDATA[I was in the darkness]]> No No <![CDATA[Tradition, thou art for suckling children]]> No No <![CDATA[Many red devils ran from my heart]]> No No <![CDATA["Think as I think," said a man]]> No No <![CDATA[Once there was a man]]> No No <![CDATA[I stood musing in a black world]]> No No <![CDATA[You say you are holy]]> No No <![CDATA[A man went before a strange god]]> No No <![CDATA[Why do you strive for greatness, fool]]> No No <![CDATA[Blustering god]]> No No <![CDATA["It was wrong to do this," said the angel]]> No No <![CDATA[A man toiled on a burning road]]> No No <![CDATA[A man feared that he might find an assassin]]> No No <![CDATA[With eye and with gesture]]> No No <![CDATA[The sage lectured brilliantly]]> No No <![CDATA[Walking in the sky]]> No No <![CDATA[Upon the road of my life]]> No No <![CDATA[There was a man and a woman]]> No No <![CDATA[There was a man who lived a life of fire]]> No No <![CDATA[There was a great cathedral]]> No No <![CDATA[Friend, your white beard sweeps the ground]]> No No <![CDATA[Once, I knew a fine song]]> No No <![CDATA[If I should cast off this tattered coat]]> No No <![CDATA[God lay dead in heaven]]> No No <![CDATA[A spirit sped]]> No No