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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Biographical Sketch by Nathan Haskell Dole  jesse76 PL OK
2 Sonnet  jesse76 PL OK
3 Hakon's Lay  Kaneyoto PL OK
4 Out of Doors  jesse76 PL OK
5 A Reverie  Newgatenovelist PL OK
6 In Sadness  heeheekitty PL OK
7 Farewell  SarahJade4 PL OK
8 A Dirge  Guest PL OK
9 Fancies about a Rosebud, Pressed in an old Copy of Spenser  adamegan PL OK
10 New Year's Eve, 1844 - A Fragment  jscottbennett PL OK
11 A Mystical Ballad  jscottbennett PL OK
12 Opening Poem to A Year's Life  midnightwaltz PL OK
13 Dedication to Volume of Poems Entitled A Year's Life  midnightwaltz PL OK
14 The Serenade  jscottbennett PL OK
15 Song  jscottbennett PL OK
16 The Departed  jscottbennett PL OK
17 The Bobolink  jscottbennett PL OK
18 Forgetfulness  kmasters PL OK
19 Song  kmasters PL OK
20 The Poet  kmasters PL OK
21 Flowers  SarahJade4 PL OK
22 The Lover  SarahJade4 PL OK
23 To E.W.G.  midnightwaltz PL OK
24 Isabel  WinterLock PL OK
25 Music  Guest PL OK
26 Song  ezwa PL OK
27 Ianthe  WinterLock PL OK
28 Love's Altar  WinterLock PL OK
29 Impartiality  WinterLock PL OK
30 Bellerophon. Dedicated to my Friend, John F. Heath  WinterLock PL OK
31 Something Natural  powellkr223 PL OK
32 A Feeling  SarahJade4 PL OK
33 The Lost Child  SarahJade4 PL OK
34 The Church  silverquill PL OK
35 The Unlovely  ezwa PL OK
36 Love-Song  ezwa PL OK
37 Song  ezwa PL OK
38 A Love-Dream  ezwa PL OK
39 Fourth of July Ode  jscottbennett PL OK
40 Sphinx  Vetta PL OK
41 'Goe, Little Booke!'  heeheekitty PL OK
42 Sonnet I - Disappointment  heeheekitty PL OK
43 Sonnet II  heeheekitty PL OK
44 Sonnet III - To a Friend  heeheekitty PL OK
45 Sonnet IV  heeheekitty PL OK
46 Sonnet V  heeheekitty PL OK
47 Sonnet VI - To ---  heeheekitty PL OK
48 Sonnet VII  heeheekitty PL OK
49 Sonnet VIII  heeheekitty PL OK
50 Sonnet IX - Green Mountains  rimesmith PL OK
51 Sonnet X  rimesmith PL OK
52 Sonnet XI  rimesmith PL OK
53 Sonnet XII  rimesmith PL OK
54 Sonnet XIII  SkyAlbatross PL OK
55 Sonnet XIV  SkyAlbatross PL OK
56 Sonnet XV  SkyAlbatross PL OK
57 Sonnet XVI  SkyAlbatross PL OK
58 Sonnet XVII  SkyAlbatross PL OK
59 Sonnet XVIII  SkyAlbatross PL OK
60 Sonnet XIX - 'No More But So?'  emilysullivan PL OK
61 Sonnet XX - To a Voice Heard in Mount Auburn  DomenicaC PL OK
62 Sonnet XXI - On Reading Spenser Again  rimesmith PL OK
63 Sonnet XXII  shevyon4HIM PL OK
64 Sonnet XXIII  shevyon4HIM PL OK
65 Sonnet XXIV  Vetta PL OK
66 Sonnet XXV  Vetta PL OK
67 Sonnet XXVI - To the Evening-Star  heeheekitty PL OK
68 Sonnet XXVII - Reading  heeheekitty PL OK
69 Sonnet XXVIII - To --- After a Snow-Storm  heeheekitty PL OK
70 Edith  brucek PL OK
71 Rose  brucek PL OK
72 Mary  brucek PL OK
73 Caroline  brucek PL OK
74 Anne  brucek PL OK