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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Leda, Part I  sdaeley17 PL OK
2 Leda, Part II  sdaeley17 PL OK
3 Leda, Part III  sdaeley17 PL OK
4 Leda, Part IV  sdaeley17 PL OK
5 The Birth of God  sdaeley17 PL OK
6 On Hampstead Heath  canadaguy2015 PL OK
7 Sympathy  sdaeley17 PL OK
8 Male and Female Created He Them  sdaeley17 PL OK
9 From the Pillar  sdaeley17 PL OK
10 Jonah  sdaeley17 PL OK
11 Variations on a Theme  sdaeley17 PL OK
12 A Melody of Scarlatti  sdaeley17 PL OK
13 A Sunset  sdaeley17 PL OK
14 Life and Art  sdaeley17 PL OK
15 First Philosopher's Song  sdaeley17 PL OK
16 Second Philosopher's Song  Rohasfin PL OK
17 Fifth Philosopher's Song  Rohasfin PL OK
18 Ninth Philosopher's Song  Rohasfin PL OK
19 Morning Scene  SkyAlbatross PL OK
20 Verrey's  SkyAlbatross PL OK
21 Frascatti's  JaciB PL OK
22 Fatigue  JaciB PL OK
23 The Merry-Go-Round  JaciB PL OK
24 Back Streets  canadaguy2015 PL OK
25 Last Things  JWWarr PL OK
26 Gothic  JWWarr PL OK
27 Evening Party  JWWarr PL OK
28 Beauty, Parts I-V  JWWarr PL OK
29 Beauty, Parts VI-VIII  JWWarr PL OK
30 Soles Occidere et Redire Possunt, Foreward and Parts I-XI  chulsky PL OK