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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Border  Kangaroo692 PL OK
2 Under Arrest  Kangaroo692 PL OK
3 A Strange Meeting  Kangaroo692 PL OK
4 Cousins  Kangaroo692 PL OK
5 The Germans  Kangaroo692 PL OK
6 The Tunnel  Kangaroo692 PL OK
7 A Daring Ruse  Kangaroo692 PL OK
8 Within the Enemy's Lines  Kangaroo692 PL OK
9 ''There's Many a Slip--''  Kangaroo692 PL OK
10 Sentenced  Kangaroo692 PL OK
11 The Cossacks  Kangaroo692 PL OK
12 The Trick  Kangaroo692 PL OK
13 The Escape  Kangaroo692 PL OK
14 Altered Plans  Kangaroo692 PL OK
15 A Dash Through the Night  Kangaroo692 PL OK
16 Between the Grindstones  Kangaroo692 PL OK
17 An Old Enemy  Kangaroo692 PL OK
18 The Great White Czar  Kangaroo692 PL OK