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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Dramatis Personae and Introduction  MaryAnnSpiegel Elizabby Adamski SweetPea Willy2 silverquill DACSoft psimonin LydiaCW EstherbenSimonides Tortilla SuperCoconut Tauriel AdeledePignerolles ej400 Snowflake Digs AprilWalters ZamesCurran michaelcjohnson PL OK
1 Puddleby   PL OK
2 Animal Languages   PL OK
3 More Money Troubles   PL OK
4 A Message from Africa   PL OK
5 The Great Journey   PL OK
6 Polynesia and the King   PL OK
7 The Bridge of Apes   PL OK
8 The Leader of the Lions   PL OK
9 The Monkeys' Council   PL OK
10 The Rarest Animal of All   PL OK
11 The Black Prince   PL OK
12 Medicine and Magic   PL OK
13 Red Sails and Blue Wings   PL OK
14 The Rats' Warning   PL OK
15 The Barbary Dragon   PL OK
16 Too-Too, the Listener   PL OK
17 The Ocean Gossips   PL OK
18 Smells   PL OK
19 The Rock   PL OK
20 The Fisherman's Town   PL OK
21 Home Again   PL OK