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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Preface  Cori PL OK
1 Wisteria Lodge Part 1  Cori Elizabby Piotrek81 mousehawk azureblue ablestonebridge PL OK
2 Wisteria Lodge Part 2  Cori Elizabby Piotrek81 Norman BrianMansiVO Trotsa ablestonebridge PL OK
3 Cardboard Box  Cori Elizabby Piotrek81 francesb Norman mousehawk BrianMansiVO Shakira Paks6 kcotter13 PL OK
4 Red Circle Part 1  Cori MaryAnnSpiegel Elizabby arnaldo4455 Piotrek81 PL OK
5 Red Circle Part 2  Cori Skythrock Elizabby Piotrek81 etel13 mousehawk PL OK
6 Bruce-Partington Plans Part 1  Cori Elizabby ToddHW Hobbit francesb Norman BrianMansiVO Shakira Paks6 AdeledePignerolles PL OK
7 Bruce-Partington Plans Part 2  Cori Elizabby ToddHW Hobbit francesb Paks6 AdeledePignerolles PL OK
8 Dying Detective  Cori jeanie1914 Elizabby Rapunzelina Norman Shakira AdeledePignerolles PL OK
9 Lady Frances Carfax  Cori dlolso21 Elizabby Adamski francesb Norman mousehawk Trotsa kcotter13 AdeledePignerolles PL OK
10 Devil's Foot Part 1  Cori TriciaG Elizabby Norman mousehawk AdeledePignerolles PL OK
11 Devil's Foot Part 2  Cori TriciaG Elizabby Norman AdeledePignerolles PL OK
12 His Last Bow  Cori J_N Elizabby mousehawk pjmorgan Shakira AdeledePignerolles PL OK