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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Book V, Chapter I: In which the reader will meet with an old acquaintance.  gabymg2802 PL OK
2 Book V, Chapter II: In which Booth pays a visit to the noble lord.  gabymg2802 PL OK
3 Book V, Chapter III: Relating principally to the affairs of serjeant Atkinson.  gabymg2802 PL OK
4 Book V, Chapter IV: Containing matters that require no preface.  gabymg2802 PL OK
5 Book V, Chapter V: Containing much herioc matter.  gabymg2802 PL OK
6 Book V, Chapter VI: In which the reader will find matter worthy his consideration.  gabymg2802 PL OK
7 Book V, Chapter VII: Containing various matters.  gabymg2802 PL OK
8 Book V, Chapter VIII: The heroic behavior of Colonel Bath.  gabymg2802 PL OK
9 Book V, Chapter IX: Being the last chapter of the fifth book.  gabymg2802 PL OK
10 Book VI, Chapter I: Panegyrics on beauty, with other grave matters.  Lynnet PL OK
11 Book VI, Chapter II: Which will not appear, we preseume, unnatural to all married readers.  Lynnet PL OK
12 Book VI, Chapter III: In which the history look a little backwards.  Lynnet PL OK
13 Book VI, Chapter IV: Containing a very extraordinary incident.  malcermie PL OK
14 Book VI, Chapter V: Containing some matters not very unnatural.  malcermie PL OK
15 Book VI, Chapter VI: A scene in which some ladies will possibly think Amelia's conduct exceptionable.  malcermie PL OK
16 Book VI, Chapter VII: A chapter in which there is much learning.  MrsHand PL OK
17 Book VI, Chapter VIII: Containing some unaccountable behavior in Mrs. Ellison.  MrsHand PL OK
18 Book VI, Chapter IX: Containing a very strange incident.  MrsHand PL OK
19 Book VII, Chapter I: A very short chapter, and consequently requiring no preface.  Lynnet PL OK
20 Book VII, Chapter II: The beginning of Mrs. Bennet's history.  Lynnet PL OK
21 Book VII, Chapter III: Continuation of Mrs. Bennet's story.  lemanuel PL OK
22 Book VII, Chapter IV: Further continuation.  lemanuel PL OK
23 Book VII, Chapter V: The story of Mrs. Bennet continued.  lezer PL OK
24 Book VII, Chapter VI: Farther continued.  Lynnet PL OK
25 Book VII, Chapter VII: The story farther continued.  Bocadebetty1289 PL OK
26 Book VII, Chapter VIII: Further continuation.  Jacquerie PL OK
27 Book VII, Chapter IX: The conclusion of Mrs. Bennet's history.  Jacquerie PL OK
28 Book VII, Chapter X: Being the last chapter of the seventh book.  Jacquerie PL OK
29 Book VIII, Chapter I: Being the first chapter of the eighth book.  Lynnet PL OK
30 Book VIII, Chapter II: Containing an account of Mr. Booth's fellow-sufferers.  ShiNeko PL OK
31 Book VIII, Chapter III: Containing some extraordinary behavior in Mrs. Ellison.  Khaghbboommm PL OK
32 Book VIII, Chapter IV: Containing, among many matters, the exemplary behavior of Colonel James.  Lynnet PL OK
33 Book VIII, Chapter V: Comments upon authors.  Lynnet PL OK
34 Book VIII, Chapter VI: Which inclines rather to satire than panegyric.  Kristingj PL OK
35 Book VIII, Chapter VII: Worthy a very serious perusal.  Kristingj PL OK
36 Book VIII, Chapter VIII: Consisting of grave matters.  Lynnet PL OK
37 Book VIII, Chapter IX: A curious chapter, from which a curious reader may draw sundry observations.  Lynnet PL OK
38 Book VIII, Chapter X: In which are many profound secrets of philosophy.  MissB PL OK