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0 Preface  Elizabby PL OK
1 Story 1 - Aunt Cynthia's Persian Cat  Elizabby humanode arnaldo4455 Kristingj Lynnet francesb PL OK
2 Story 2 - The Materializing of Cecil  Elizabby Kristingj francesb peppersnoodles93 MrsHand ElizaAnne LydiaCW RedFox PL OK
3 Story 3 - Her Father's Daughter  Elizabby JoFriday21 Kristingj Lynnet peppersnoodles93 sundayschild RedFox PL OK
4 Story 4 - Jane's Baby  Elizabby Kristingj francesb peppersnoodles93 MrsHand PL OK
5 Story 5 - The Dream Child  Elizabby peppersnoodles93 psimonin RedFox PL OK
6 Story 6 - The Brother who Failed  Elizabby arnaldo4455 JoFriday21 Kristingj ToddHW francesb peppersnoodles93 PL OK
7 Story 7 - The Return of Hester  JoFriday21 Kristingj francesb PL OK
8 Story 8 - The Little Brown Book of Miss Emily  thestorygirl JoFriday21 Kristingj PL OK
9 Story 9 - Sara's Way  sarahelizabeth Elizabby JoFriday21 Kristingj Savvy0712 Lynnet etel13 francesb PL OK
10 Story 10 - The Son of His Mother  Elizabby arnaldo4455 Kristingj ToddHW etel13 peppersnoodles93 sundayschild PL OK
11 Story 11 - The Education of Betty  JoFriday21 ToddHW Savvy0712 francesb PL OK
12 Story 12 - In her Selfless Mood  Elizabby thestorygirl arnaldo4455 JoFriday21 Kristingj etel13 francesb RedFox PL OK
13 Story 13 - The Conscience Case of David Bell  Elizabby arnaldo4455 JoFriday21 Kristingj ToddHW francesb WoollyBee LydiaCW PL OK
14 Story 14 - Only a Common Fellow  Elizabby JoFriday21 Kristingj francesb WoollyBee PL OK
15 Story 15 - Tannis of the Flats  Elizabby arnaldo4455 Kristingj Lynnet francesb WoollyBee peppersnoodles93 ElizaAnne sundayschild PL OK