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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Knit and Knack  wildemoose PL OK
2 Aunt Maria Steps In  wildemoose PL OK
3 Crow Shay Talks  wildemoose PL OK
4 Wooley Ball Tells Some Yarns  wildemoose PL OK
5 Speaking of Moths  wildemoose PL OK
6 Crow Shay's Relatives  wildemoose PL OK
7 A Disappointment  wildemoose PL OK
8 A Doll's Necklace  wildemoose PL OK
9 A Telegram  wildemoose PL OK
10 Making Plans  wildemoose PL OK
11 A Rose Scarf  wildemoose PL OK
12 Mary Marie's Shawl  Twinkle88 PL OK
13 Fairly Flew Flies In  Twinkle88 PL OK
14 A Little Petticoat  Twinkle88 PL OK
15 Mary Marie's Cap  Twinkle88 PL OK
16 Mary Marie's Turban  Twinkle88 PL OK
17 Mary Marie Comes to Life  Twinkle88 PL OK
18 The Magic Rhyme  Twinkle88 PL OK
19 Mary Marie's School Bag  Twinkle88 PL OK
20 A Letter from Mother  Twinkle88 PL OK
21 A Teddy Bear Suit  Twinkle88 PL OK
22 The First Knitting Lesson  stoogeswoman PL OK
23 Casting On Stitches  stoogeswoman PL OK
24 Crow Shay Helps Knit  stoogeswoman PL OK
25 To Knit a Stitch  JenniferFour PL OK
26 Mary Frances Really Knits  JenniferFour PL OK
27 Doing It Over Again  JenniferFour PL OK
28 Doll's Knitted Hood  ashleighjane PL OK
29 What's a Purl?  ashleighjane PL OK
30 Doll's Sleeveless Sweater  mzmolly65 PL OK
31 Good News  mzmolly65 PL OK
32 The Boy Aviator  mzmolly65 PL OK
33 Mary Marie's Sports Sweater  mzmolly65 PL OK
34 Home Again  mzmolly65 PL OK
35 A Gift from the Queen of Fairies  linny PL OK
36 The Magic Paper  linny PL OK
37 The Magic Paper (Continued) - Part 1  linny PL OK
38 The Magic Paper (Continued) - Part 2  linny PL OK
39 Two More Sweaters  linny PL OK
40 Red Cross Knitting  linny PL OK