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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Directions  peac PL OK
2 My School Days - Recollections of Noah Webster  peac PL OK
3 To Her Majesty - Habits of a Literary Man  peac PL OK
4 A Father's Letter - Archimedes  peac PL OK
5 To the President-Elect - Anatomy  peac PL OK
6 Mr. Sweeney's Cat - The Heyday of Life  peac PL OK
7 They Fell - Second Letter to the President  peac PL OK
8 Milling in Pompeii - Broncho Sam  peac PL OK
9 How Evolution Evolves - Hours With Great Men  peac PL OK
10 Concerning Coroners - Down East Rum  peac PL OK
11 Railway Etiquette - B. Franklin, Deceased  peac PL OK
12 Life Insurance as a Health Restorer - The Opium Habit  peac PL OK
13 More Paternal Correspondence - Twombley's Tale  peac PL OK
14 On Cyclones - The Arabian Language  peac PL OK
15 Verona - A Great Upheaval  peac PL OK
16 The Weeping Woman - The Crops  peac PL OK
17 Literary Freaks - A Father's Advice to His Son  peac PL OK
18 Eccentricity in Lunch - Insomnia in Domestic Animals  peac PL OK
19 Along Lake Superior - I Tried Milling  peac PL OK
20 Our Forefathers - In Acknowledgement  peac PL OK
21 Preventing a Scandal - About Portraits  peac PL OK
22 The Old South - Knights of the Pen  peac PL OK
23 The Wild Cow -Spinal Meningitis  peac PL OK
24 Skimming the Milky Way - A Thrilling Experience  peac PL OK
25 Catching a Buffalo - John Adams  peac PL OK
26 The Wail Of A Wife - Bunker Hill  peac PL OK
27 A Lumber Camp - My Lecture Abroad  peac PL OK
28 The Miner at Home - An Operatic Entertainment  peac PL OK
29 Dogs and Dog Days - Christopher Columbus  peac PL OK
30 Accepting the Laramie Postoffice - A Journalistic Tenderfoot  peac PL OK
31 The Amateur Carpenter - The Average Hen  peac PL OK
32 Woodtick William's Story - In Washington  peac PL OK
33 My Experience as an Agriculturist - A New Autograph Album  peac PL OK
34 A Resign - My Mine  peac PL OK
35 Mush and Melody - The Blase Young Man  peac PL OK
36 History of Babylon - Lovely Horrors  peac PL OK
37 The Bite of a Mad Dog - Arnold Winkelreid  peac PL OK
38 Murray and the Mormons - About Geology  peac PL OK
39 A Wallula Night - Flying Machines  peac PL OK
40 Asking for a Pass - Words About Washington  peac PL OK
41 The Board of Trade - The Cow-Boy  peac PL OK
42 Stirring Incidents at a Fire - The Little Barefoot Boy  peac PL OK
43 Favored a Higher Fine - I Spy.  peac PL OK
44 Mark Anthony - Man Overbored  peac PL OK
45 Done It A-Purpose.- Picnic Incidents  peac PL OK
46 Nero - Squaw Jim  peac PL OK
47 Squaw Jim's Religion - One Kind of Fool  peac PL OK
48 John Adams' Diary - John Adams' Diary. (No. 2.)  peac PL OK
49 John Adams' Diary (No. 3.) - Heap Brain.  peac PL OK
50 The Approaching Humorist - What We Eat  peac PL OK
51 Care of House Plants - A Peaceable Man.  peac PL OK
52 Biography of Spartacus - Concerning Book Publishing.  DJRickyV PL OK
53 A Calm. - The Story of a Struggler.  DJRickyV PL OK
54 The Old Subscriber. - My Dog.  DJRickyV PL OK
55 A Picturesque Picnic. - Taxidermy.  DJRickyV PL OK
56 The Ways of Doctors.- Absent Minded.  realisticspeakers PL OK
57 Woman's Wonderful Influence. - Causes for Thanksgiving.  realisticspeakers PL OK
58 Farming in Maine. - Doosedly Dilatory.  Kalynda PL OK
59 Every Man His Own Paper Hanger. - Sixty Minutes in America.  deongines PL OK
60 Rev. Mr. Hallelujah's Hoss. - Somnambulism and Crime.  PhillipM PL OK
61 Modern Architecture. - Letter to a Communist.  realisticspeakers PL OK
62 The Warrior's Oration. - The Holy Terror.  mbm0rxi PL OK
63 Boston Common and Environs. - Drunk in a Plug Hat.  DianaS PL OK
64 Spring. - The Duke of Rawhide.  mbm0rxi PL OK
65 Etiquette at Hotels. - Fifteen Years Apart.  BettyB PL OK
66 Dessicated Mule. - Time's Changes.  brucek PL OK
67 Letter From New York. - Crowns and Crowned Heads.  brucek PL OK
68 My Physician. - All About Oratory.  mbm0rxi PL OK
69 Strabusmus and Justice. - A Spencerian Ass.  mbm0rxi PL OK
70 Anecdotes of Justice. - The Chinese God.  realisticspeakers PL OK
71 A Great Spiritualist. - General Sheridan's Horse.  mbm0rxi PL OK
72 A Circular. - The Photograph Habit.  mbm0rxi PL OK
73 Rosalinde. - The Church Debt.  brucek PL OK
74 A Collection of Keys. - Extracts from a Queen's Diary.  Kalynda PL OK
75 Shorts. - We.  DianaS PL OK
76 A Mountain Snowstorm. - Lost Money.  brucek PL OK
77 Dr. Dizart's Dog. - Chinese Justice.  mbm0rxi PL OK
78 Answers to Correspondents. - Great Sacrifice of Bric-a-brac.  mbm0rxi PL OK
79 A Convention. - Come Back.  jinney PL OK
80 A New Play. - The Silver Dollar.  jinney PL OK
81 Polygamy as a Religious Duty. - The Newspaper.  Zecru PL OK
82 Wrestling with the Mazy. - Anecdotes of the Stage.  wildlindajohnson PL OK
83 George the Third. - The Cell Nest.  Kalynda PL OK
84 Parental Advice. - Early Day Justice.  Kalynda PL OK
85 The Indian Orator. - You Heah Me, Sah!  wildlindajohnson PL OK
86 Plato. - The Expensive Word.  realisticspeakers PL OK
87 Petticoats at the Polls. - The Sedentary Hen.  Kalynda PL OK
88 A Bright Future for Pugilism. - The Snake Indian.  wildlindajohnson PL OK
89 Roller Skating. - No More Frontier.  wildlindajohnson PL OK
90 A Letter of Regrets. - Venice.  sanjay67 PL OK
91 She Kind of Coaxed Him. - Answering an Invitation.  realisticspeakers PL OK
92 Street Cars and Curiosities. -The Poor Blind Pig.  realisticspeakers PL OK
93 Daniel Webster. - Two Ways of Telling It.  realisticspeakers PL OK
94 All About Menials. - A Powerful Speech.  realisticspeakers PL OK
95 A Goat in a Frame. - To a Married Man.  realisticspeakers PL OK
96 To an Embryo Poet. - Eccentricities of Genius.  realisticspeakers PL OK