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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 My Village Home  aravis PL OK
2 My Adopted Father  aravis PL OK
3 Signor Vitalis' Company  aravis PL OK
4 The Maternal House  aravis PL OK
5 En Route  aravis PL OK
6 My D├ębut  aravis PL OK
7 Child and Animal Learning  aravis PL OK
8 One Who Had Known a King  aravis PL OK
9 Arrested  aravis PL OK
10 Homeless  aravis PL OK
11 Another Boy's Mother  aravis PL OK
12 The Master's Consent  aravis PL OK
13 Weary Dreary Days  Sonichamy PL OK
14 The Death of Pretty-Heart  Pixxol PL OK
15 Faithful Friends  lflegal PL OK
16 The Padrone  lflegal PL OK
17 Poor Vitalis  Mayah92 PL OK
18 New Friends  Shasta PL OK
19 Disaster  Shasta PL OK
20 Mattia  Shasta PL OK
21 Meeting Old Friends  Shasta PL OK
22 Imprisoned In a Mine  Foon PL OK
23 Once More upon the Way  Shasta PL OK
24 Friendship that Is True  lymiewithpurpose PL OK
25 Mother, Brothers and Sisters  bhavya PL OK
26 Bitter Disappointment  Foon PL OK
27 A Distressing Discovery  lymiewithpurpose PL OK
28 A Mysterious Stranger  lflegal PL OK
29 In Prison  bhavya PL OK
30 Escape  2839reader PL OK
31 Hunting for the Swan  2839reader PL OK
32 Finding A Real Mother  2839reader PL OK
33 The Dream Come True  2839reader PL OK