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1 Chapter I - Earliest Memories  johng PL OK
2 Chapter II - My New Home  johng PL OK
3 Chapter III - Death of an Old Dog  johng PL OK
4 Chapter IV - The Plantation  johng PL OK
5 Chapter V - Aspects of the Plain  johng PL OK
6 Chapter VI - Some Bird Adventures  johng PL OK
7 Chapter VII - My First Visit to Buenos Ayres  johng PL OK
8 Chapter VIII - The Tyrant's Fall and What Followed  johng PL OK
9 Chapter IX - Our Neighbours at the Poplars  johng PL OK
10 Chapter X - Our Newest English Neighbour  johng PL OK
11 Chapter XI - A Breeder of Piebalds  johng PL OK
12 Chapter XII - The Head of Decayed House  johng PL OK
13 Chapter XIII - A Patriarch of the Pampas  johng PL OK
14 Chapter XIV - The Dovecote  johng PL OK
15 Chapter XV - Serpent and Child  johng PL OK
16 Chapter XVI - A Serpent Mystery  johng PL OK
17 Chapter XVII - A Boy's Animism  johng PL OK
18 Chapter XVIII - The New Schoolmaster  johng PL OK
19 Chapter XIX - Brothers  johng PL OK
20 Chapter XX - Birding in the Marches  johng PL OK
21 Chapter XXI - Wild-Fowling Adventures  johng PL OK
22 Chapter XXII - Boyhood's End  johng PL OK
23 Chapter XXIII - A Darkened Life  johng PL OK
24 Chapter XXIV - Loss and Gain  johng PL OK