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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Preface by R.D. Hicks  Kazbek PL OK
2 Introduction by R.D. Hicks. I. The Book and its Author  Kazbek PL OK
3 Introduction by R.D. Hicks. II. Plan and Contents of the Work  Kazbek PL OK
4 Introduction by R.D. Hicks. III. Authorities for the Lives  Kazbek PL OK
5 Introduction by R.D. Hicks. IV. Text and Editions  Kazbek PL OK
6 Book I. Prologue  Beeswaxcandle PL OK
7 Book I. Chapter 1. Thales  czandra PL OK
8 Book I. Chapter 2. Solon  draco35 PL OK
9 Book I. Chapter 3. Chilon  draco35 PL OK
10 Book I. Chapter 4. Pittacus  draco35 PL OK
11 Book I. Chapter 5. Bias  arnavdarnal PL OK
12 Book I. Chapter 6. Cleobulus  Kitty PL OK
13 Book I. Chapter 7. Periander  Kitty PL OK
14 Book I. Chapter 8. Anacharsis  Kitty PL OK
15 Book I. Chapter 9. Myson  Kitty PL OK
16 Book I. Chapter 10. Epimenides  Eysiss PL OK
17 Book I. Chapter 11. Pherecydes  Kitty PL OK
18 Book II. Chapter 1. Anaximander  Redbeard530 PL OK
19 Book II. Chapter 2. Anaximenes  Redbeard530 PL OK
20 Book II. Chapter 3. Anaxagoras  Redbeard530 PL OK
21 Book II. Chapter 4. Archelaus  smile0001 PL OK
22 Book II. Chapter 5. Socrates  smile0001 PL OK
23 Book II. Chapter 6. Xenophon  smile0001 PL OK
24 Book II. Chapter 7. Aeschines  ehsanesque PL OK
25 Book II. Chapter 8. Aristippus  vincentl PL OK
26 Book II. Chapter 9. Phaedo  vincentl PL OK
27 Book II. Chapter 10. Euclides  yourfriendadam PL OK
28 Book II. Chapter 11. Stilpo  yourfriendadam PL OK
29 Book II. Chapters 12-16. Crito, Simon, Glaucon, Simmias, Cebes  Kitty PL OK
30 Book II. Chapter 17. Menedemus  Kitty PL OK
31 Book III. Plato  Kitty PL OK
32 Book III. Plato (continued)  Arden PL OK
33 Book III. Plato (continued)  Arden PL OK
34 Book IV. Chapter 1. Speusippus  sp000kyguy PL OK
35 Book IV. Chapter 2. Xenocrates  ehsanesque PL OK
36 Book IV. Chapter 3. Polemo  Ingwar98 PL OK
37 Book IV. Chapter 4. Crates  Kitty PL OK
38 Book IV. Chapter 5. Crantor  Ingwar98 PL OK
39 Book IV. Chapter 6. Arcesilaus  Kitty PL OK
40 Book IV. Chapter 7. Bion  Kitty PL OK
41 Book IV. Chapter 8. Lacydes  Kitty PL OK
42 Book IV. Chapter 9. Carneades  czandra PL OK
43 Book IV. Chapter 10. Clitomachus  czandra PL OK
44 Book V. Chapter 1. Aristotle  czandra PL OK
45 Book V. Chapter 2. Theophrastus  silverquill PL OK
46 Book V. Chapter 3. Strato  nigelkerr114 PL OK
47 Book V. Chapter 4. Lyco  nigelkerr114 PL OK
48 Book V. Chapter 5. Demetrius  nigelkerr114 PL OK
49 Book V. Chapter 6. Heraclides  nigelkerr114 PL OK