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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Big Bears and Little Bears  Laur Assigned
2 In the Nick of Time  Laur Assigned
3 A Joke on the Hired Man  Laur Assigned
4 Surprises  Laur Assigned
5 The Trap  Laur Assigned
6 An Ungrateful Guest  Laur Assigned
7 A Great Find  Laur Assigned
8 Twinkly Eyes Repents  Laur Assigned
9 Thomas Also Repents  Laur Assigned
10 Safety First  Laur Assigned
11 The Mystery of the Berry Pies  Laur Assigned
12 Worse Than a Porcupine  Laur Assigned
13 Luck for Fatty Chuck  Laur Assigned
14 Twinkly Eyes and Trouble  Laur Assigned
15 The Dancing Bear  Laur Assigned
16 A Fight for a Friend  Laur Assigned
17 The Escape  Laur Assigned
18 In the Berry Patch  Laur Assigned