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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 God's Revelation of Himself to Israel  InTheDesert 13:20 Listen PL OK
2 Godhead  InTheDesert 15:29 Listen PL OK
3 Four Hymns and some Religious Verses  InTheDesert 13:13 Listen PL OK
4 πνευματικός and its Opposites  InTheDesert 16:36 Listen PL OK
5 St. Paul's Use of the Argument from Experience  InTheDesert (20:03) Listen PL OK
7 On the Emotional Life of Our Lord Part 2  InTheDesert Assigned
8 Astonishment, Astonished  InTheDesert 02:23 Listen PL OK
9 Amazement  InTheDesert (18:53) Listen PL OK
11 Review of "A Dictionary of the Bible"  InTheDesert Assigned
13 Regeneration  InTheDesert 07:33 Listen PL OK
14 On the Antiquity and the Unity of the Human Race  InTheDesert Assigned
15 A Calm View of the Freedmen's Case  InTheDesert Assigned
16 The Relation of the Presbyterian Principle to the Historic Episcopate  InTheDesert Assigned
17 How Princeton Serminary Got to Work  InTheDesert Assigned
19 Recent American Literature on the New Testament, From the Expositor, 3rd Series, Volume 2  InTheDesert Assigned
20 Review of "What is Religion?"  InTheDesert (16:52) Listen PL OK
21 Review of "The Making of Religion"  InTheDesert Assigned
22 Review of "Naturalism and Religion"  InTheDesert Assigned
24 Review of "Mysticism in Christianity"  InTheDesert Assigned
25 Review of "Van den Eeuwigen Vrede tusschen Wetenschap en Religie" and "Professor Visscher’s Rectorale Rede"  InTheDesert Assigned
26 Review of "Miley's Systematic Theology"  InTheDesert Assigned