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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 0. Prefatory materials  Winnifred PL OK
1 I. The Back Way  Winnifred PL OK
2 II. Bainville Effects  Winnifred PL OK
3 III. The Outbreak  Winnifred PL OK
4 IV. Transplanted  Winnifred PL OK
5 V. Contrasts  Winnifred PL OK
6 VI. New Friends and Old  Winnifred PL OK
7 VII. Side Lights  Winnifred PL OK
8 VIII. A Mixture  Winnifred PL OK
9 IX. Consequences  Winnifred PL OK
10 X. Determination  Winnifred PL OK
11 XI. Thereafter  Winnifred PL OK
12 XII. Achievements  Winnifred PL OK