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0 Preface  remyje Preface to the New Impression and Preface to the First Edition Assigned
1 Chapter I  schmangarella Introduction, The Dog Fanti, Mark Twain's Story, The Pig in the Dining Room, The Mignonette, The Lost Cheque, The Duck's Eggs, The Lost Key, The Lost Securities, The Arrears of Teind, The Two Curmas, The Assyrian Priest, and The Knot in the Shutter Assigned
2 Chapter II  CCAV2281 Introduction, Queen Mary's Jewels, The Deathbed, Dream of Mr. Perceval's Murder, The Rattlesnake, The Red Lamp, The Scar in the Moustache, The Coral Sprigs, The Satin Slippers, The Dead Shopman, and Note Assigned
3 Chapter III  yourbookvoice Introduction, Story of the Diplomatist, Under the Lamp, The Cow With the Bell, and The Deathbed of Lois XIV Listen PL OK
4 Chapter IV  docdlmartin 28:32. Introduction, The Old Family Coach, Riding Home From Mess, The Bright Scar, The Vision and the Portrait, The Restraining Hand, The Benedictine's Voices, and The Man at the Lift Listen PL OK
5 Chapter V  Bittonbailey12 Introduction, The Wrath of Czarina, An "Astral Body", In Tavistock Place, The Wynyard Wraith, Lord Brougham's Story, The Dying Mother, and The Vision of the Bridge Listen See PL notes
6 Chapter VI  SomethingClever Appearances of the Dead, The Daemon of Spraiton in Devon Anno 1682, Sir George Villiers' Ghost, Cavalier Version, Wyndham's Letter, and Lord Lyttelton's Ghost Listen PL OK
7 Chapter VII  Carod Brief Introduction, The Slaying of Sergeant Davies, Concerning the Murder of Sergeant Davies, The Gardener's Ghost, The Dog O' Mause, and Peter's Ghost Listen See PL notes
8 Chapter VIII  mbm0rxi Brief Introduction, Ticonderoga, The Beresford Ghost, Half-Past One O' Clock, and "Put Out the Light!" Listen PL OK
10 Chapter X  dg73 Introduction, The Wesley Ghost, and Lord St. Vincent's Ghost Story Listen PL OK
11 Chapter XI  dg73 More Haunted Houses, Haunted Mrs. Chang, The Great Amherst Mystery, Donald Ban and the Bocan, The Hymn of Donald Ban, The Devil of Hjalta-Stad, and The Ghost at Garpsdal, Listen PL OK
12 Chapter XII  dg73 The Story of Glam and 'The Foul Fords' or The Longformacus Farrier Listen PL OK
13 Chapter XIII  rads028 Brief Introduction and The Marvels at Fródá Listen See PL notes
14 Chapter XIV  flavo5000 Hands All Round, The Cold Hand, The Black Dog and the Thumbless Hand, and The Ghost That Bit Listen PL OK